Table of Nations, Houston-Based Film Project, Chooses The Lymbar at the Ion as Key Filming Location

Brendan Thompson
Table of Nations, Houston-Based Film Project, Chooses The Lymbar at the Ion as Key Filming Location

Houston, TX - 10/18/2023

Table of Nations, a new experimental film project, is making waves in the local filmmaking scene as it selects an iconic location for its pilot episode. The production team is thrilled to announce that they have chosen the sophisticated Lymbar restaurant at the Ion as a key filming location for this highly anticipated project.

Ion, a dynamic hub of innovation and culture located in the heart of Houston, is home to The Lymbar, the first restaurant featured in Table of Nations, a film project that promises to captivate audiences with its compelling chef-focused storytelling. This choice exemplifies the project's commitment to showcasing Houston's rich diversity and vibrant culture on the global stage.

Table of Nations, written and produced by Brendan Thompson, has already generated significant buzz in the industry due to its unique experience-oriented ideology. The film series’ plot revolves around themes of unity, diversity, and the shared human experience, making The Lymbar a fitting location choice for a scene that highlights the crossroads of cultures and experiences.

The Lymbar, known for its elevated culinary offerings in the historic architectural icon, is a fitting beginning to the project.

"We are excited to collaborate with David Cordua and The Lymbar for this significant part of our film," said Brendan Thompson. "David and the entire staff at The Lymbar were amazing. I loved hearing more about the story of their location-every prop in the restaurant has a specific meaning and connection to David’s childhood and his past. We are trying to reflect that in the film.”

Table of Nations is set to feature a diverse cast of known and unknown chefs, with talented people from various backgrounds, symbolizing the rich tapestry of cultures found in Houston and beyond. The film's production team is committed to portraying the city's vibrant multicultural landscape in a way that resonates with audiences worldwide, focusing on refugees and immigrants that have made the journey to the city of Houston.

As the production winds up, the excitement surrounding Table of Nations continues to grow. With a captivating storyline, world-class talent, the film promises to be a cinematic experience unlike any other.


For media inquiries and further information about Table of Nations, please contact:

Brendan Thompson

About Table of Nations:

Table of Nations is an ambitious film project set in Houston, Texas, that explores themes of unity, diversity, and the shared human experience. With a talented cast and a captivating storyline, the film aims to highlight the beauty of multiculturalism and the interconnectedness of cultures. Directed by Phillip Whaley, the project is set to leave a lasting impact on the world of cinema.

About The Ion:

Located in Ion District, the namesake building is the transformative centerpiece of Houston’s innovation corridor. Designed to bring our city’s entrepreneurial, corporate, and academic communities into collaborative spaces and programs, the sunlit structure of steel and glass is a home for advancing diverse knowledge, teams, technologies, and products that propel our world forward.

From Fortune 500s seeking flexible office space to first-time startups looking for the funding to design a prototype, the Ion provides wide-reaching space and support to connect every What if with What now?—welcoming individuals and teams of all kinds to a place to build a better way.

About The Lymbar:

The Lymbar is an all-day restaurant, bar, and lounge with Latin and Mediterranean flavors from chef David Cordúa, located at 4201 Main St. inside the Ion in Midtown Houston. Serving up culinary delights and exquisite libations, The Lymbar crystalizes the Cordúa family’s legacy as ambassadors of flavor and hospitality for a whole new generation of discerning Houstonians. For reservations, visit OpenTable or call (713) 485-6230.

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