New Culinary Adventure Series "Table of Nations" Premieres First Episode Featuring Chef Jennifer Sebasigari

Brendan Thompson
New Culinary Adventure Series "Table of Nations" Premieres First Episode Featuring Chef Jennifer Sebasigari


Houston, TX – 3/7/24

New Culinary Adventure Series "Table of Nations" Premieres First Episode Featuring Chef Jennifer Sebasigari

Table of Nations, an innovative film series celebrating the culinary diversity and cultural richness of Houston, proudly announces the premiere of its first episode, showcasing the remarkable journey and gastronomic expertise of Chef Jennifer Sebasigari. This episode is a testament to the series' commitment to elevating the stories of refugee, immigrant, and migrant restaurateurs who enrich our communities.

"Table of Nations is not just a film series; it's an exploration, an experience, a journey through the diverse cultural tapestry that makes our cities vibrant," says the creative team behind the series. This docuseries is more than just about food—it's a creative exploration of the stories and lives that shape our communities. It aims to raise awareness about the contributions of refugees and immigrants in the culinary world and the non-profit organizations supporting them.

In this debut episode, viewers will embark on an immersive culinary journey with Celebrity Chef Jennifer Sebasigari, whose passion and skills have made a significant impact in Houston's dining scene. Her story is a vivid illustration of how food can be a lens to explore and celebrate the diverse cultures that contribute to the city's dynamic atmosphere.

Table of Nations has received support from various sponsors such as Ron Blue Trust and is actively looking for individuals and businesses who align with their values to make this film a success. This episode is a perfect opportunity for the Houston community and beyond to engage with and support this unique project.

"Honestly, we just want people to see the film and in so doing, experience the wonderful personalities of our chefs," Brendan Thompson, Executive Director of the project, added. “It’s really easy-just catch us on social media, where we will release the first episode.”

The episode featuring Chef Jennifer Sebasigari will be available for viewing and streaming through social media. Additionally, the creative team has released a downloadable watch guide that includes a new recipe from chef Jenni, alongside some thought-provoking questions for post-viewing conversation. "The questions and recipe serve as an opportunity to reflect, discuss and experience significant cultural themes that the film raises. We hope that churches, friend groups, supper clubs and families find the guides useful to help them gather and enjoy the film's experience," Brendan commented.

For more information about the series and future episodes, visit the Table of Nations website at

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