Chef Dinner Rewards | The Clock is Ticking!

Brendan Thompson
Chef Dinner Rewards | The Clock is Ticking!

Our Kickstarter campaign is closing on Tuesday, November 28th. This means there are only two weeks left for you to back our docu-series!

Our project is meant to be experienced- not just watched.

We don’t want you to miss out on incredible backer rewards like our exclusive chef dinners, the chance to be an extra in our film, Table of Nations merch, digital cookbooks, and more.

However, as exciting as these limited-time perks are, we want to remind our backers that by helping us reach our $30,000 goal, you’re allowing us to give back to Houston’s refugee, immigrant, and migrant chefs.

You’re empowering us to tell their stories and positively impact the public awareness, perception, and appreciation of foreign-born Houstonians through our shared love of great food.

While the cost of these exclusive chef dinners exceeds the amount we are raising, thanks to some generous backers, the dinner tickets are being subsidized.

This is a unique opportunity to dine (very) well, do good, & get to say you’re getting featured in a docu-series! We’d say that’s a pretty great conversation piece for your Holiday parties.

See our kickstarter here.

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