Our Kickstarter is Live!

Brendan Thompson
Our Kickstarter is Live!

HOUSTON, TX - 10/26/2023 The Table of Nations has launched their first ever kickstarter campaign on the heels of their first production shoot. 

The announcement of the kickstarter is an invitation to the Houston community-and film lovers in general-to both lend their support to the film but additionally to enjoy some one of a kind experiences;

“We wanted to make this film more like an experience. While we didn’t have to run a crowdfunding campaign, we felt that the best way to communicate our message was to give our backers and potential viewers a chance to taste the dishes they will be seeing on the screen,” said Brendan Thompson, executive producer of the film.

This isn’t the first time a filmmaker has created experience-oriented crowdfunding campaigns. Notably, “The Chosen”, a viral sensation documenting the life and ministry of Jesus from the Bible has pioneered the crowdfunding model with substantial success.

“Seeing the success of ‘The Chosen’ was a great inspiration to me. People are hungry for uplifting and meaningful content that gets them out of division and gives them deep, eternal things to talk about. I love the idea of involving our backers in the film in an experiential way. We want our series to be transformative, not just something you watch once, but something you watch again with friends, and look forward to the next experience to grow and be encouraged.” 

The kickstarter campaign is live through the end of November 2023, ending on giving Tuesday. Rewards for film backers include VIP dinner tickets to private dining events with chefs, merchandise, and social media shoutouts. 

“At the end of the day, we believe in the social good we are doing with our film. We hope the Houston (and national) community will agree with us and help us get this funded, regardless of the rewards. I am banking on the notion that people want to be a part of big ideas and want to be meaningful contributors to amazing causes. I think our film is a way to do that.” 

If you would like more information or to become a film backer, you can visit the Official Table of Nations Kickstarter Page here

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