Table of Nations: Ambitious Documentary Film Series Partners with Local Celebrity Chefs

Brendan Thompson
Table of Nations: Ambitious Documentary Film Series Partners with Local Celebrity Chefs

HOUSTON, TX (October 10, 2023) Table of Nations, a new docu-series about diversity among immigrant and refugee chefs has partnered with two local chefs-David Cordua, of the Lymbar (in the Ion District) and Jennifer Sebasigari, instagram influencer and proprietor of SEBAS Foundation

According to Brendan Thompson, Executive Producer of Table of Nations, “Working with David and Jennifer as we start this series is a dream come true. They both have distinct and powerful stories of where and how they grew, and their influences from the culinary world.” Thompson explains, “The thing about Houston: we are the most diverse city in the country. Each chef that we film has their own story, and they are making their own marks on the city we call home. Really, their stories are a reflection of all of our stories. Food has this incredible way of bringing the past to life, explaining culture and connecting people in ways that transcend our differences.”

“My hope for this film is that it would provide an opportunity for people to see our city in a new way-by trying food from people who have had different life experiences, we can come to appreciate each other, allow our differences to melt away at the table. Eating together can be more than a physiological experience-it can be spiritual. Working with chefs David and Jennifer, I have learned to appreciate their individual stories, but also to see the incredible meaning and passion they pour into the craft of cooking. We have a few more chefs for some other episodes we are ‘cooking up’ but the time with David and Jennifer have been incredible.”

About Table of Nations 

Table of Nations is a Houston-based film documentary project that elevates the voices of diversity through refugee and immigrant chefs. By creating meaningful story-driven content, Table of Nations focuses on bringing attention and awareness to the country’s history of diversity through culinary experiences. By bringing people together around food, Table of Nations hopes to see connections through deep conversations that will transcend political and cultural divides.

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Brendan Thompson


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